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Holly Hayes  @hollyrebeccatattoo – she/they
Holly has been tattooing since October 2019 with a degree in product design working in Eindhoven, Holland for Nacho Carbonell and dissertation on the empowerment of women through tattoos.✨


Holly really enjoys floral pieces, animals and anything American traditional.🌺

Outside of work Holly loves to paint and take portrait commissions (pets and people) and gardening and collecting plants! 🌱🍁🌿

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Billy Plante @billyplantestattoo he/him


Billy started tattooing back in 2010 till 2012and then took a few years off to go to university doing art and design degree specializing in animation But missed tattooing too much and came back in 2018. 🎨

Billy enjoys all styles of tattooing but does have a huge soft spot for neotraditional, all traditional tattooing  and stylized portraits.


He loves working with clients to produce something beautiful and unique for them. Making them feel comfortable, understood and safe throughout the tattoo session. 💕

In his spare time Billy enjoys painting, drawing (anything creative), food and exploring nature.  🍀 🌿

𝗙𝗘𝗟𝗜𝗫 ✨ @felixxtattoo (they/he)


Felix has been tattooing since 2015 and drawing/creating art their whole life. They graduated from Birmingham City University with a degree in Visual communication specialising in illustration.🎨

As a queer, nonbinary person, they strive to create and develop an inclusive and comfortable environment to be tattooed in. 💖

Their favourite kind of tattoos to do are animals and nature with fine details and bold colours, but loves anything they can put their own spin on! 🦓🌿

Outside of tattooing they can usually be found crouching under parked cars trying to get stray cats to love them.🐈 They also enjoy (easy) video games, crafts and a good cup of tea!

𝙎𝙏𝙀𝙑𝙀 ✨ @sacredboldlines he/him


From a small village of Aughrim in Ireland, Steve has been a professional tattooist since 2005. Always artistic it wasn’t until later in life that he began exploring the depths of his talent.
Starting as a teen designing pub signage with his French arts teacher, and later college with degree in fine arts and illustration , and making furniture he developed a strong interest in cabinet making ,typography, cartooning, animation, scrimshaw, Carnival, Chinese block painting and later did some illustration for newspapers. Rediscovering his passion for art during the process of being tattooed. Being tattooed became a turning point and after many painful hours of a half body suit was offered an apprenticeship with long-time friend and traditional tattoo artist “Sean strange “of “steel beauty” in London Uk.

To learn the difficult art of tattooing. Steve then spent several years learning and honing his technical skills before branching off on his own. His style of tattooing and the inevitable link between fine art has recently led him to explore his designs away from the skin. His work began with a strong, old school style. As his career continued he has continued to explore classic themes such as Japanese/ blackwork, traditional tattoo art. With a focus on the female form and playful bold compositions his work can take on a dark and sinister undertone, with beauty and death being a consistent theme.

Steve’s process starts with freehand outlines of designs and idea’s on rice paper and then develops depending on outcome.

Steve lives in Birmingham with his partner and best friend and his 2 adorable kids.

MISTER GRUB✨ @mister.grub (he/him)
Mister Grub has been tattooing on and off since 2014 – He always came back to tattooing and in 2020 was able to dive head first into it alongside his other passions.
Mister Grub is trans and neurodivergent.
Within his tattoo practice he aims to create and advocate sacred space for other queer and trans people to feel seen and heard. He works in a trauma-informed way and is particularly interested in making tattooing a safe and inclusive space for all bodies and genders, as well as breaking down the inherently white cis male dominance and gatekeeping of the industry.
He currently offers handpoke tattoos and soon will be offering machine work.

His style is naive, ignorant and punky. He works mostly in black and red ink, sometimes with blue and white.

He creates a lot of flash designs that are based on trans and queer culture. Gremlins, creatures, demons. Symmetrical abstract pieces, text and line work. He is also open to customs, where he makes your ideas in his own drawing style.

When not tattooing he can be found in the kitchen at Sol cafe, performing drag as a demon, pole dancing, making art and magic.


Matt  @mattclarkepiercing (he/him)

Matt is a professional piercer with 4 years in the industry, he has a focus on high quality jewellery, tailored advice and great aftercare. Matt always ensures his clients have a great experience and leave with the perfect piercing.

Matt is available for consultations to answer any questions you may have and plan your piercing, as well as a range of high quality jewellery that will last you a lifetime.

Head over to @mattclarkepiercing
if you have any questions or use the book now to make your appointment.

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